Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Blitz: Summer Confessions by Lynn Vroman

Summer Confessions
Release Date: 03/10/15
YA Contemporary
Untold Press
162 pages

Summary from Goodreads:

Macy Diaz has managed childhood friend Jeb Porter’s crush for years. However, his infatuation turns to obsession, even putting a kid in the hospital just for hitting on her. In the past, Macy brushed it off, explained his bizarre acts away. But now she harbors a secret. She’s in love…with Jeb’s sister, Rachel.

By some miracle, Rachel loves Macy back, and despite the small minds polluting their sleepy southern town, they’re sticking together. Unfortunately, making sure Jeb never grows suspicious proves harder every day—until everything falls apart.

As a sick, unstable Jeb starts to threaten all Macy values, she is reminded of what has always been perfectly clear. Macy belongs to him, only him, and he won’t let her go. Ever.

If only Macy could’ve loved Jeb, she wouldn’t have to worry about surviving him now.

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"You betrayed me." His voice had no emotion, just a flat line of monotone syllables pieced together.
"I've done everything, and it's still not enough."
My whole body grew numb and my insides turned to liquid. "Please–"
"Everything!" Life flashed into his pale face, the bags under his eyes more pronounced as the rage unhinged. His breathing heaved just as my lungs decided not to pump oxygen. He didn't touch me, but his hands were balled into fists at his sides, clenching and unclenching in quick intervals. Now all those people who ignored my initial screech began to take notice, some even braving a few steps closer.
I backed up, trying to make eye contact with some of those courageous souls willing to come forward. "Please, help me." My plea squeaked out, but a few people heard it, scooting a tad closer.
A security guard came forward, skinny and old, the tic near his left eye the only indication of his nerves. He kept his twitchy eyes on Jeb as he spoke to me. "Is everything all right, miss?"
Jeb ignored him, his rage focused and acute. "I don't lose, Macy. I never lose."

About the Author

Born in Pennsylvania, Lynn spent most of her childhood, especially during math class, daydreaming. Today, she spends an obscene amount of time in her head, only now she writes down all the cool stuff.

With a degree in English Literature, Lynn used college as an excuse to read for four years straight. She lives in the Pocono Mountains with her husband, raising the four most incredible human beings on the planet. She writes young adult novels, both fantasy and contemporary.

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