Monday, September 23, 2013

A new blog!

I have decided to start another blog. My other is so full of giveaways and other posts that I am afraid all of the book reviews will just get lost in the tangle. So here is my new blog. I hope you all enjoy my book reviews. I have quite an eclectic mix of book genres that I read, so there will be quite a variety of books being reviewed on here. I am not sure of the frequency of my posting. I aim for once a week at the very least.

First off I am going to move my reviews over from my other blog, a day in the tangled skeins of my life, so that they will be on here too. Then I am going to start reviewing the 70 some odd books in my inbox! I have my children reading some of the YA and children's books right now so that they can give me their opinions as well.

I hope that I can get a good following on this blog like I do on the other one. I would like to keep receiving books and products to review. It keeps me occupied and happy to have such a fun pastime!

So until next time, my Tangled Readers........... Happy Reading!

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