Monday, August 24, 2015

Want to Learn Spanish? This giveaway might help!

The ebook revolution has been driven mainly by fiction, especially popular genres such as romance and thrillers. But at Clic-books DM we’ve been looking at other ways to exploit reading on a small screen.

We publish ebooks for people learning languages. Most of our books are fully bilingual, and they help you practice a foreign language by ‘clicking’ from screen to screen (our titles typically have well over 1,000 ‘pages’ to click through...).

Recently we wondered if it would be possible to teach a language from scratch using the same format. We wanted to be a bit different from other textbooks on the market, so we wrote a beginner’s guide to Spanish which doesn’t use any grammar.

Most people hate grammar, and it’s particularly daunting when you’re just starting off in a new foreign language. A book with NO grammar would be great, we thought...
So we wrote one. Here it is: