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Confessions of Love Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway

Confessions of Love
by Melissa Blue

About The Author

Melissa Author  Registered Nurse by night, Melissa battles the stresses of life and illness by enjoying uplifting tales of love and romance. A firm believer in true love united with an enduring fascination with history has prompted her pursuit of romance writing. She lives in beautiful Big Sky Country Montana with her husband and children.   

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About The Book
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC ( Scandalous ) Imprint
Release Date: 10-14-13
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  Book Description:

London, 1817 Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft is intoxicating. His hands know just where to touch her, his lips know just how to trip her pulse, and his body knows just how to bring about every forbidden desire Lindsay Dunsfield has ever felt. He's the one man that's owned her heart... and he shattered it two years ago. Returned to London on assignment with the War Office, Jonathan's mission is hindered by a love he cannot forget. One scorching kiss reignites the flames of their passion, but he inadvertently drags Lindsay into a mire of murder and deception that hits closer to home than she ever would have dreamed. In a world where Lindsay can trust no one, will she find renewed faith in the last place she expected to look?    

My review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has both romance and intrigue, which I think is a great mix. Lindsay transforms through the story into a strong, courageous woman. That is unheard of in her era. Women were supposed to be meek and subservient. Men were supposed to be the strong, heroic types. I love that you find women are just as devious, intelligent, and daring as men in this book. 

The romance is a story we've heard before, kind of. Boy and girl love each other, boy goes off to make his fortune and seemingly forgets about girl, then suddenly reappears in her life expecting her to fall back into his arms. Except that this story has a few twists and turns that you're not going to expect. Or, even if you do expect them, they are a treat to read. The characters practically sizzle each time they are near each other, no matter how they are feeling about each other or themselves at the time. Their chemistry just can't be denied.

I won't even get into the intrigue! Lets just say that people aren't always who or what they seem in this book. There are murderers, spies, liars, and thieves at every turn. It's a delight! 

I highly recommend this book to any readers of adult romances and thrillers. The story is terrific, the characters are believable, and the writing is effortless to read. You'll find yourself at the end before you realize you've been sitting, enthralled, for hours.

Now read on for a taste of the story and then enter the giveaway. Enjoy!


Lieutenant Rycroft, indeed…Jonathan stepped close, anger vibrating through him, blocking her exit. “The man is old enough to be your grandfather, Lindsay. You cannot marry him.”
“Excuse me?” She bristled. “It is no concern of yours who I marry. Now get out of my sight. I have no wish to see you.”
She swept past him toward the door, but Jonathan snared her about the waist, spinning her lithe form into his arms, trapping her against the wall and the unyielding contour of his frame. “That is damned unfair to me, Lindsay. Damned unfair.”
Lindsay’s heavenly eyes, flecked with raw pain and betrayal, danced over his face…searching. “Why are you here, Jonathan?”
Arms barred on either side of her, he leaned so close she had no choice but to look directly into his eyes. Pure heat and passion smoldered in the depths of her gaze. “You.” The word fell heavy in the room, a benediction as much as a promise. His gaze raked down the column of her throat to the gentle swell of her breasts barely concealed by the soft pink fabric of her bodice. His fingers itched to trace those little cloth pleats. “It’s always been you. I had to see you, Lindsay.”
“You shouldn’t have come.”
“Did you get my letters?” He ignored her protests and the urge to inch his thumbs along her waist. Apparently, he’d returned just in time.
Lindsay gulped and nervously averted her eyes. “No. Now leave.”
“You’re a terrible liar, Lindsay. Always have been.”
She shrugged, meeting his gaze. “At least when it comes to you.”
He smirked, knowing he was gaining ground. “Please, Lindsay, talk to me. Give me a chance to explain about Andrew.” She must be angry about her brother. It was the only explanation for such hostility.
“There is nothing for you to explain.” Lindsay ducked nimbly beneath his arm, skirting the wall toward the door.
Or perhaps he’d gained nothing. “Linds, wait, don’t go.” He grasped her wrist, spinning her back to face him yet again. “At least hear me out.”
“I will hear none of your lies, Jonathan.” She jerked against his iron grip, shards of green fire flashing in her eyes.
“Lies? What lies?”
“You left my brother to die suspected of treason. Now my sisters and I can scarcely show our faces in society.”
Shock and bewilderment seared him. “That is not true. Where did you hear that?”
“It is true! You ruined my family. You ruined my life.” Her voice broke on a single heart-wrenching sob. She turned those enormous, beautiful eyes to his. “I hate you, Jonathan Rycroft. Let me go!”
I hate you. The words ripped through him. He grasped her upper arms and flattened her roughly against the wall.
Lindsay gasped, her palms falling against the broad expanse of his chest.
“But you loved me once.” He caught her face in his hands, lacing thick fingers through the silken roots of her hair, smoothing his thumbs across those creamy cheeks. He leaned close, close enough to smell the powdery scent of her manicured tresses and feel the warm gusts of her breath against his lips. “Perhaps you just need a little reminding.” Without another word his mouth covered hers.
At first Lindsay resisted…refused to kiss him back, but he persisted. She hates me? Well hate and passion treaded a hair-thin line… He would show her just how close the two were and beat back her stubborn resolve. Finally she relented, tentatively parting her lips. He took full advantage, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She tasted so good. Perfectly sweet. Jonathan groaned, pressing into her. Lindsay was tall, lithe, and her hips fitted perfectly against his. She swayed, finally slipping her arms around his shoulders and he sensed the full measure of her surrender. Jonathan slid an arm about her waist, cradling her against him, relishing her weight in his arms.
His lips dragged down the warm curve of her graceful neck. “I’ve missed you,” he murmured against her throat, burying a hand in the depth of her hair. “Don’t announce your engagement. Marry me instead.

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  1. I will confess that I love books like these! Does that count as a love confession? :)

  2. Woo! very nice excerpt! Love the passion:O) Wonderful review and I wish the author well on her tour!


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