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Release date: October 16th 2013
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On an earth where the spirit world and human world not only comingle but know each other’s deepest secrets, Ewan Trace is an ordinary college senior at a prestigious film school: obsessed with old movies, secretly in love with his best friend Sophie, and looking to forge a career as a writer. Oh—and he also can never go out because his ├╝ber-agent father and mother are always away and he has to stay home and care for his little sister. But it’s all normal to him…until he finally meets his spirit protector, Zac, and that Terra, the girl he just spent the night with, might be someone far more sinister than she appears.

Now Ewan and Zac are on the trail of a mystery that takes a left turn along the way, diving deep into a conflict between humans and spirits that just may be worse than what they thought was their worst nightmare. And as hearts are broken and people die, the two find themselves strapped to a rocket-propelled adventure far more unbelievable than anything Hollywood could ever imagine.

My Review:

This book was not exactly what I was expecting. It was more serious than what I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think this was going to be a comedy or anything. I just expected more of a easy reading action book, This is one of those books that make you really think while you read it. 

What if there were spirits and Gods for that watched over you and your family. What if you grew away from your beliefs. How would that effect them? How would they react? Would they just disappear, or would they get angry?

I don't want to go into too much detail about the story itself, as I don't want to slip up and give too much away. So let's look at the characters.  Ewan is college student that is determined to prove himself in chosen line of work. He looks after his little sister, Kate, because their parents are always away somewhere out of the country. His best friend Sophia is his best supporter and helpmate. And then there is Zac, the family's spirit guardian. These are all wonderfully thought out characters, as are the rest of the people in the book. They are complex and emotional and everything that a good character should be.

 I really enjoyed the relationship between Ewan and Zac. It started off shaky, but you can watch the relationship grow as you read the book.  Ewan is a very caring person, as you can see by his relationship with his sister, but at the same time is a little self centered. That is true with most people his age, so that just makes the character more believable. This causes him and Zac to butt heads a little throughout the story. 

 I enjoyed Zac and Ewan's interactions, so I thought I would share an excerpt with you that highlights their behavior with one another.


“Hey Zac, come over here!” Ewan called to the spirit. Zac didn’t
reply. “Zac!” Nothing. “Zac! Seriously, come here!”

Ewan picked up a hundred page-long paperback and
half-heartedly threw it at Zac.

Still no reaction from Zac, and one glance at his parents, and the
nerves only increased.

“Spirits, Ewan, who’d you pick up?” Mr. Trace asked.

Ewan glared at Zac and picked up the next book on the desk, a
fat paperback. It hit him straight in the shoulder.

“Ewan, stop,” Zac said between gritted teeth.

“Aww, your friend can talk. Ewie, bring him over,” Mrs. Trace

The next book on the desk was a textbook, and Ewan began to
panic. His mind in a fog, he picked up the textbook—it was
soft-cover, just really thick, right? —and threw it at Zac. The book
hit him right on the head.

Finally, Zac turned around. “You disrespectful little prick!”

Taking the thin paperback, Zac threw it back at Ewan, who had
turned around to face his parents again. The book struck him
square between the shoulder blades, knocking the wind out of
Ewan. While he went down in pain, Kate giggled.

About the Author: 

Carlyn Greenwald is a writer, student, and decently sized superhero, mystery, and animation nerd. She definitely writes for the YA/NA markets, but her genres of choice include contemporary, urban fantasy, science fiction, crime, romance and mystery. Anything that has at least one murder, a nice-looking guy, and some witty banter will do. She lives in Los Angeles with her dogs, cat, and family.


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Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book for free. Regardless, my opinions are my own and were in no way influenced. I was not required to write a positive review.

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