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Blog Tour: The Death of Ink by M. M. John

Series: The Death of Ink #1
Release date: January 17th 2014
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Paige Langley’s life has always revolved around good grades and escaping her less than ideal home life…but once she meets Devon Connors, her life drastically changes.

Although, they share an instant attraction, Devon’s concealing a dark past. And an even darker secret…there’s a dead girl haunting him nightly.

Resolute to win the school’s writing contest, Paige will do just about anything to achieve her goals. So after she finds a binder containing information on a past murder and the illegal activities of the students, she believes the stories are fictional and the perfect way to win the contest.

But the owner of the manuscript, Devon Connors, has other plans. To keep Paige from exposing his secrets, Devon befriends her and even offers to help her write a winning story for the contest.
The chemistry between Paige and Devon is undeniable, but Paige doesn’t know if she can trust him. The deeper she digs into the dark underbelly of their high school, the more she realizes that some secrets are better left buried.

My Review:

I was confused by this book. I couldn't quite get into it and it never flowed well for me. I didn't completely like it nor completely disliked it. For me it was just OK I guess. 

Not everyone will feel that way of course. I am not discouraging anyone from reading it. I kept reading it all the way to the end, which is more than I can say for some books I have read. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen. I wanted to know what was going on with Devon. Paige was a good character, and I wanted her to succeed with her book.

The story itself seemed to just cut off at the end. I found myself with more questions than answers. It was frustrating for me! I like to have most questions answered by the end of a book, even if it is part of a series. I was honestly wondering if somehow I got only part of the book when I downloaded it, that is how abrupt it felt to me.

About the Author
College student by day, clandestine writer by night, M. M. John lives in a Florida town full of ghosts, mysteries and secrets. The Death of Ink is her first novel.

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