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Release Day Book Blitz: Prophecy by Julie Anne Lindsey

Prophecy (Calypso, #1)
Release Date: 10/06/14
Kensington Books

Summary from Goodreads:
On the other side of death, is destiny.

Callie Ingram is spending her senior year focused on one thing: swimming. Her skill as a competitive swimmer is going to secure a scholarship and her future, or so she hopes. She has big plans, and Liam Hale, her gorgeous new neighbor, isn’t going to affect them. But when Callie sees Liam beheading someone, she learns his family has a secret that will change everything. The Hales are Vikings, demi-gods who’ve been charged by The Fates to find their new destined leader.

Callie’s caught in the middle of a budding Norse apocalypse, in love with Liam Hale and desperate to protect her best friend…who the Hales believe is marked for transformation. Putting the clues together as fast as she can, can discovers she has the power to rewrite destiny, for herself and all humankind.

Teaser excerpt: Runes

Coach blew his whistle and the swimmer stopped stroking ten feet from the pool’s edge nearest our feet. The swimmer was far too long and broad to be a girl. Also, no shirt. So, who was this guy? Lean arms stretched toward the wall. His fingertips latched onto the shelf below my toes. Liam’s face broke the water’s surface. Blue goggles masked his eyes as he climbed from the pool and ran huge hands over dripping hair.

“Hale.” Coach looked from Liam to me. “Callie Ingram. Callie, Liam Hale.”

“Hello.” Liam spoke. No nod. No pretending I didn’t exist.

“Hey,” I answered lamely.

His accent was fabulous. I smiled, pleased with the idea of having him to myself for an hour a day. My theory about everything being better at the pool might hold water after all.

Liam pulled off his goggles, revealing those unspeakably beautiful eyes. His frown returned and my smile fell. So much for my pool theory.

Coach turned his back on me. “Your times are remarkable, Hale. Our season begins November first. We practice Monday through Thursday immediately after school. Swim meets begin the first of December. Miss a practice, you miss the meet. Miss a meet, you’re off the team. You swim unless you’re hospitalized, comatose, or dead. Same goes for practice. Think it over before you sign on. This is a solid five month commitment, longer if we get to Nationals.”

“Thank you, sir.” Liam extended a hand to Coach and they shook on it.

Coach ambled to his office, reviewing whatever he’d marked on his clipboard and shaking his head. He stopped at the threshold and turned back to Liam and me, still frozen where he left us.

“You’re free to go, Hale.” He pointed his whistle necklace at me next. “Don’t wait for her. This one never leaves.”

I shot Coach a sarcastic look before he fell into his chair and put his feet on the desk, watching us through his office window. Liam looked at me, an odd expression on his face. I averted my eyes, avoiding his super intense soul searching stare. It wasn’t my best idea. As my gaze fell on his broad shoulders, I sucked air. “You’re not bad.” I lifted a limp hand toward the pool. “In the water, I mean.”


I shook my head, visually tracing the path of water droplets over the planes and angles of his chest, following patterns down a well-sculpted six-pack. Two rough scars caught my gaze, pulling my interest back up a few inches. Ragged white lines swelled over his chest and rib cage on one side. The marks looked like the result of an awful accident at first, ragged at the edges, imperfect, but I recognized the symbol they made.

I’d seen it a thousand times in the Hale Cemetery. Like a letter z, tipped on a diagonal and elongated in an ancient hieroglyphic way. The symbol repeated in varied sizes down his left side. I searched his body again, closer this time, seeking anything else I missed. Water continued to fall from his hair to his torso. I tracked the drops over his skin until they disappeared into the fabric of his waistband.

“And outside the water?”

I jerked my focus back to his face, heat creeping up my neck. We were basically in our underwear and I’d examined him like a shameless creeper. “Fine.” Fine? What was wrong with me? I didn’t ogle guys, stumble over words, or crush on my best friend. Whatever was happening to my brain, I didn’t approve.

I hope you enjoyed the teaser.  If you want to know more about Liam and Callie or those strange marking on his hot Viking chest (hint – they’re runes), you can find Prophecy where digital books are sold. Thank you so much for reading my excerpt!

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About the Author

I tell stories, mostly to my children, sometimes to strangers. I'm YA obsessed, addicted to social media, caffeine and Poptarts. You can find me anytime lurking around the Internet, amped up on sugar and wielding a book.

I'm thrilled to announce the Fall 2013 release of My YA suspense, Deceived, from Merit Press and my debut cozy mystery series from Carina Press. 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year.

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