Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Tour: Guardians INC.: The Cypher by Julian Rasado-Machain

About the Book:

GUARDIANS INC.: THE CYPHER is two stories in one. A glimpse into a multinational company that is in reality the oldest of secret societies, one that spans close to seven thousand years of existence, weaving in and out of history, guiding and protecting humanity from creatures and forces that most of us believe are only mythology and fairy tales.

The other is the story of Thomas Byrne, a young man thrust into secrets he shouldn’t be aware of and dangers he shouldn’t face but, that he ultimately will, for he is a Cypher. The only one who can steer humanity’s future.

The ultimate conspiracy theory is that Magic is real. Kept in check by technology but, every five hundred years the balance can shift and, if it does, technology will fail and those creatures we’ve driven into myth will come back with a vengeance.

To protect the present, Guardians Incorporated needs to know the future, and to unlock the future they need a Cypher.
This is the first book of the Guardians Inc Series.

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  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.
  • Watch the trailer at YouTube.
  • Read Chapter One here.
    My Review:
    This was a very fun book to read. I really enjoyed it. The characters are all very well written and easy to relate to. Their actions and reactions are believable and not too fantastical. The story line is different and fresh. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
    Thomas is the main character, and my favorite. He starts out in the book just looking to help his grandfather find a job, and ends up on quite an adventure. I love his relationship with his grandfather. You can tell that they really care for each other.
    When Thomas starts his job, he thinks he is just working in a weird library. He soon finds out that it is so much more than that. Things, and people, are all more than they seem. Magic is real, creatures exist that he never would have believed in, and he is a huge part of what is happening, and what will happen. 
    I really liked that Thomas was starting to see that things were a little more than what he thought, and then Wham! everything started happening at once. He went from knowing little to being right in the thick of things. It happened right as I was settling into the book, thinking that the pace was a little slow but still intrigued. It was like a big dose of adrenaline was pumped into the book. Then things started moving right along.
    I would recommend this book to all readers, younger or older, that enjoy a little bit of action mixed with some mystery and magic, some great characters, and a caring relationship between family members. 

    Book Trailer:
    About the Author

    Julian Rosado-Machain has enjoyed pizza in three continents, worked in graphic design, armored vehicles, built computers, handcrafted alebrijes and swears that he has seen at least one ghost.
    He lives in San Diego, California. And enjoys the sun with his wife, three children and cat.
    His latest book is the YA fantasy adventure, Guardians Inc.: The Cypher.

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