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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Personal Experiences by Tracy Lee

The Personal series, #1

Elleny Barker and Trevor McHale have loved each other since the second grade. Growing up in a small Georgia town, they had the same group of friends and they all had dreams of leaving Richland.

Elle’s life was perfect; going to the perfect college, had the perfect life plan of becoming a doctor and had the perfect boyfriend going to college on a full ride football scholarship. Until the day Elle’s life was turned upside down; making a decision that she thought would be the best for both her and Trevor, she turned to the one man she thought would be willing to help her, Trevor’s best friend, Willie “Bear” Jackson.

 Seventeen years later; Elleny, brought on by violent abuse and still feeling the sting of losing the only man she’s ever loved; is a changed woman, for the worse. She has locked her heart away and refuses to give it to anyone. Then it happened, a millionaire, whose company just bought out the local plant where Elle’s husband is a foreman moves into town; or should I say BACK into town; turns out that it’s Trevor McHale.

Secrets have kept them apart for seventeen years; will they end up keeping them apart for the rest of their lives? Life teaches us harsh lessons; Personal Experiences teach us life’s true meaning.

WARNING: contains some graphic, dark scenes that are not for the light-hearted including torture. BUT DOES CONTAIN A HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Discretion is advised!!!

My Review:

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. When I first picked it up, I thought that it was just going to be a book with little plot and lots of sex. I was wrong! Not about the sex part, but about the plot. The story line of this book was very moving, although a little unrealistic.

The things the main character goes through in this book is hard to read from an emotional standpoint. I really felt connected to her on some levels, as I had a horrendous first marriage, though not as bad as hers! I could not imagine someone putting up with everything she does, when it seems like she could have removed herself and her children from the situation they were in at any time. I understand that fear was a huge factor, but still...

The book is a fast read, and it delivers quite a variety of emotions. I felt touched by the sweetness of first love, crushed by circumstances and decisions that came from them, anger and bitterness towards someone that should have been a better person, and so much more. This author has a talent for making you really feel what she is writing.

I must admit I found this book to be hard to read at times. I am not sure if what I had was an unedited proof, or what. The grammar was off, sentence structure was pretty bad, and the punctuation was horrific at times. The character's last name completely changed from on chapter to the next. I really hope that I was reading an ARC and not the finished product! This distracted me quite a bit, and didn't let me enjoy the story as much as I could have.

I recommend this book to adult readers that enjoy an emotional story with well developed characters, a good story, and a happy ending. Not for young readers as there are many explicit sex scenes, a lot of profanity, and several scenes of brutality and rape. 

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About Tracy Lee:

“I am a lover of chocolate, an outspoken dreamer who cannot survive without chaos! Those who truly know me can attest that I am obsessed with chocolate peanut butter anything. I write about hot, alpha men and the women who love them and the only way that I can get anything accomplished is in a crisis.
I am no good in math; as a matter of fact, I suck in math. My true love is the English language. My children are my world that not even a hot man could come between. I am originally from outside Tampa, Florida but currently reside outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am digging the farm animals that live behind my house.”

Tracy lives with her husband and 4 children in a small town just outside Tulsa, Ok. Originally from Brandon, Florida she was a city girl at heart. Growing tired of living in the concrete jungle she wanted a change of scenery and pace; she packed her kids up and moved to Oklahoma where she met her husband. Now she’s seen snow, touched pigs and has cows and chickens in her back yard.

Being a stay at home mom she became an avid reader and part-time blogger; she decided to put the three of them together and try her hand at writing and fell in love. In between running kids from band practice to PTO meetings, she enjoys her “me time” working on her next book. She thoroughly enjoys head-banging heavy metal and a kickass game of Black Ops and will be your slave if you offer her chocolate.

Be sure to add her to keep updated on her upcoming books.
Tracy’s official website page

The Personal Series”
Personal Experiences Book #1 Elleny’s story
Personal Possession Book #2 Trevor’s story
“Untitled” Book #3 JoJo’s story
“Untitled” Book #4 Luc’s story

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to leave a positive review.

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